Stop and Go Driving School

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: The Client’s Take

There’s a trust factor and there’s credibility in what Aidan Taylor Marketing has done. We go over the reporting and statistics weekly and that success is a given—it has to be there. If that isn’t working, our business isn’t going to thrive. But if there’s not the kindness and the trust, then you move on to somebody else. Joe and I believe very strongly that as teachers, that’s what you do, you’re always going the extra mile. And it’s very rare to find another company that does that.

Jan Zahara

Owner and Founder - Stop & Go Driving

See How We Helped This Driving School’s Marketing Budget Go the Extra Mile

Stop & Go Driving School has been teaching driver’s education and traffic safety courses in the Valley for nearly 23 years. They call themselves a “from scratch, mom and pop business,” and as former educators, the teaching part of their business is what they are passionate about—not necessarily the business part of their business. In fact, they are the only driving school in the state of Arizona that is owned by teachers, one of them with a degree in traffic safety. 

Stop & Go isn’t unlike other small businesses, which founders start so they can make a living using their particular skills or talents. And, just like other small businesses, Stop & Go’s owners were able to grow a successful business strictly using their knowledge, expertise, and belief in hard, honest work—despite not having a marketing background. 

But soon enough, they reached a point of growth where they needed to outsource their digital marketing.

A Wrong Turn

In their search for the right digital marketing partner, Stop & Go ran into various problems with some earlier iterations of their website. They struggled with design and getting the right kinds and right amount of web traffic. Overall, their existing website wasn’t functioning or performing as it should. 

In addition, they were spending way too much on online advertising to pull in traffic. They felt like they were spinning their wheels rather than moving forward. 

Course Correcting

We first met Stop & Go’s owners, Jan and Joe, in 2017. Their organic search had been driven into a proverbial ditch practically overnight due to the website issues, and as a result, their business was in trouble. 

“Josh rescued us and really went the extra mile for us,” Jan explains, noting that what drew her to Aidan Taylor Marketing initially was the fact that Josh demonstrated “a huge personal approach to problem solving with us.” 

We got to work fixing their website woes, ultimately recommending and implementing the following:

Website Redesign and Launch

Our first objective was to make the site functional and drive the right kinds and right amount of traffic, as well as capture leads. 

SEO Structure and Strategy

Next, we optimized the site for SEO and put our tried-and-true SEO strategy in place. This is an ongoing effort that includes regular blog articles targeting strategic keywords for the site.

Mobile-First Strategy

Stop & Go sees more than 50% of their traffic come in via mobile, so making their site responsive was a high priority.

Online Advertising

Prior to engaging Aidan Taylor, Stop & Go was spending more than $10,000 per month in online advertising to promote their six defensive driving schools. Following the implementation of the SEO structure and strategy, we were able to significantly cut and redirect advertising spend.

Social Media

Creating and posting regular, fresh, relevant content to all of Stop & Go’s social channels—Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter—rounded out our strategy.

Content Planning & Generation

Relevant, informative content that is analytics-driven continues to be a core piece of our offering for Stop & Go. 

Hitting Smooth Pavement: The Results

After their initial bumpy ride in digital marketing, we were able to help Stop & Go realize these positive outcomes: 

  • SEO-optimized and mobile-responsive website
  • Dropped ad spend by 75% while maintaining necessary leads for growth
  • Increased advanced (and often sold-out) course bookings
  • Grand opening of an additional location