Henriksen Amplifiers

Tone True: The Client’s Take

They’ve more than delivered on the ability to grow our traffic organically, as well as develop the marketing plans for us going forward, focusing not just on traffic generation, but retargeting, as well. The results and turnaround have been dramatic. Plus, working with Josh [who is also a musician]...

Peter Henriksen

President - Henriksen Amplifiers
Oct 26, 2021

Learn How We Amplified The Marketing Efforts of This Music Equipment Business

Henriksen Amplifiers designs and manufactures high quality, analog musical instrument amplifiers for professional musicians who need performance-level equipment. Those in the music industry love their amps for providing powerful, warm sound in a portable and inexpensive package. 

When it comes to quality amps, Henriksen Amplifiers had things dialed, and they were finding success — and raves — in their niche of jazz guitarists, acoustic musicians and singer-songwriters.

Getting Plugged In

The trouble was, Henriksen Amplifiers had a severely outdated website that was starting to break down. Their existing site also wasn’t delivering the right kinds of traffic, which meant it wasn’t converting well.

Another amplifier manufacturer had referred Aidan Taylor Marketing to Peter Henriksen, president of Henriksen Amplifiers. Henriksen and Aidan Taylor Marketing president, Josh Prior, met in person at a NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) trade show in July 2018, where they connected over both music and marketing. 

Peter was comparing eCommerce platforms at the time and turned to Josh and Aidan Taylor Marketing for their expertise, as well as to do what Peter calls “some cleanup work” leftover by previous marketing consultants. They started making plans for fixing the website when things went from bad to worse. 

“I’ll never forget, no sooner did my plane take off for me to be a trade show in Nashville, and our existing website completely crashed,” Peter says. “I called Josh as soon as I landed and said, ‘Ok, you know everything we’ve been talking about? Just fix it. Just do whatever you need to do.”

Peter describes how Josh and the team got his website rebuilt, reloaded, and back online all while he was at his trade show. “From that point on, I decided these are definitely the guys I want to use for everything.”

Let’s Get Loud

What had started as a website overhaul quickly developed into a holistic deep-dive to fine-tune Henriksen Amplifiers’ entire marketing program, all within a budget that made sense for this small business. 

We recommended and implemented the following strategies and tactics: 

Website Rebuild & SEO

A site that actually worked the way that it was supposed to, and that drove the right kinds of traffic, was the original goal. They also needed correctly implemented SEO and a mobile-first approach to the website (taking into account an audience of highly mobile musicians).


This was a no-brainer that Henriksen knew could bring value, but needed our know-how to make it happen. We brought in Google Shopping and Facebook ads to target Henriksen’s customers where they already were, which immediately started driving revenue.

Marketing & Business Strategy

Henriksen Amplifiers knew their target, and Peter even had a background in internet marketing. But because so much had changed in the years that Peter had switched careers, he looked to us to guide his strategy in the new digital world.

Mobile-First Strategy

An amp shouldn’t look like a speck, on desktop or mobile. Henriksen sees more than 50% of their traffic come in via mobile, so making their site responsive was a high priority.

Social Media

Social media that is authentic is always a goal for any brand, and in this case, we have been able to harness our in-depth knowledge of the music industry to help Henriksen craft compelling, conversion-focused posts.

Content Planning & Generation

Entertaining, compelling content that is analytics-driven continues to be a core piece of our offering for Henriksen. From Endorsing Artist and luthier interviews to our Guitar Stories features, we create, publish, and measure every aspect.

Website Before & After

Before After

Making Beautiful Music: The Results 

Our combination of music-industry expertise and results-driven experience on the digital marketing stage helped us get Henriksen Amplifiers’ products in front of the right audience, and drive the performance boosts the company needed to grow. 

Here are a few of the positive results their business has realized due to our efforts: 

  • SEO-optimized, mobile-responsive website
  • Lowered ad budget while increasing conversions
  • Improved quality of traffic
  • Google organic conversions up 63%
  • Direct conversions up 119%
  • Goal completions up 60%