Coffin & Trout

A Full-Faceted Approach: The Client’s Take

“Since we started using Aidan Taylor, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in traffic to our website,” Ryan says. “And the nice part is actually getting tangible numbers and being able to track performance. It’s extremely important to see your dollars at work, instead of just throwing mud at the wall and hoping it sticks. Being able to fine-tune your approach and also have a multi-pronged approach that includes social media, Google AdWords, Facebook ads, SEO, our website, and blogs is key. Josh and his team have been able to handle every facet of it. Having Aidan Taylor provide that clarity and knowledge has been very, very helpful.”

Ryan Coffin

Vice President - Coffin & Trout Fine Jewelers

Discover How We Helped This Fine Jeweler’s Marketing Sparkle

If there’s any jeweler that knows custom fine jewelry, it’s Coffin & Trout Fine Jewelers. The Arizona-based award-winning jewelers are recognized far beyond the state’s borders (including by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History) for their innovative, artful designs, use of superior materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

Much of the jewelry built by Coffin & Trout master jewelers is all about crafting just-right angles and stand-out shapes, as well as highlighting gemstones and mixing metals to dramatic effect — whether it’s a setting that allows every single diamond to capture and reflect as much light as possible, their proprietary Paragon ring shape that won’t spin on the wearer’s figure, or making a vibrant statement with colorful gemstones

Master Jewelers Turn to Master Marketers 

While Coffin & Trout are the best of jewelry experts, they aren’t experts in marketing — especially when it comes to digital marketing. Five years ago, they turned to Aidan Taylor Marketing to help them find those just-right angles, and to bring shape, clarity and vibrancy to their digital marketing efforts. 

“We’re a very visual product, and so historically we’ve always advertised with magazines, newspapers and billboards” says Ryan Coffin, Vice President. “We still do a little of that, but the world is moving at a fast pace away from

traditional forms of media. It was important for us to get on board and stay ahead of it. We turned to Aidan Taylor to take us into the new generation, into the digital marketplace.”

Coffin & Trout was having trouble with their existing website, which, although fairly new, wasn’t doing an effective job of driving leads or conversions and was riddled with technical issues. They also weren’t able to track which of their marketing efforts were working. 

Bringing Back the Shine

Even though Coffin & Trout’s greatest pride is in creating precious pieces that will last for generations, they needed marketing that would strike the right tone in the here and now. They also needed the ability to track performance. 

We recommended and implemented a holistic approach that involved the following:

Paid Advertising

Optimizing their advertising to improve and increase brand awareness and eliminate wasted ad spend, then making necessary tweaks to drive the right kinds of traffic was key. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Coffin & Trout had a goal to increase organic traffic, so we introduced to them our tried-and-true approach to SEO: sensible, trackable, with room for learning and iteration.

Mobile-First Strategy

A diamond shouldn’t look like a speck, whether in person or on a screen. Coffin & Trout sees more than 60% of their traffic come in via mobile, so making their site responsive was a high priority.

Social Media Marketing

By nature, bling wants to be a social media star, and Coffin & Trout’s collections needed to be brought to Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest in high-impact ways. 

Mobile-First Strategy

A diamond shouldn’t look like a speck, whether in person or on a screen. Coffin & Trout sees more than 60% of their traffic come in via mobile, so making their site responsive was a high priority.

Content Planning & Generation

Highly visual, compelling content that is analytics-driven continues to be a core piece of our offering for Coffin & Trout. 

Website Before & After

Before After

All Polished Up: The Results

As a result of the Aidan Taylor Marketing approach, Coffin & Trout continues to experience significant lifts in traffic and quality leads, while optimizing and decreasing ad spend. Our proprietary dashboard and tracking systems provide essential, easy-to-grasp visibility into performance, and allow them to focus on creating beautiful jewelry, not worry about marketing. 

Here are a few of the results Coffin & Trout realized thanks to our data-driven, market-proven strategies: 

  • Doubled traffic overall, plus improvements in traffic quality
  • Quality leads tripled 
  • Ad spend cut in half
  • Increased quality email subscribers by 50%
  • Visibility into performance via Aidan Taylor Marketing’s proprietary dashboard and set up of Google Analytics