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Email Marketing Automation – Right Message, Right Time, Right Person

Email Marketing Automation is the most exciting advancement in marketing technology in the last 10 years. When we were building advanced, Fortune 500 marketing strategies at the turn of the century, we fantasized about being able to put the perfect message in front of the right people at the exact moment their interest was piqued. Then, we spent years trying to bring it to life – with so-so results and lots of expense. Now, often for less than $100, you can have command of that kind of technology.


of brands do not personalize email copy, and over two-thirds do not use customer data to personalize the products and services featured in brand emails

Source: Yesmail

More Conversion

In 2016 there was 174% more conversion generated by Email marketing than Social Media.

Source: Campaign Monitor


of all email clicks are mobile for brands using responsive design with all of their email marketing efforts

Source: Yesmail

Doubled Our Online Traffic In Less Than 6 Months

Working with Aidan Taylor has doubled our online traffic in less than six months of working with them.  They have made the process of a website re-design so easy and advise you on where to focus efforts in order to have a dynamic website that engages the audience. Aidan Taylor helps organize strategic social media campaigns that relays the core competencies of my company’s brand and services in order to gain new leads. They are beyond professional and very effective with their direction on how to grow your business digitally.

 Melissa Fowler – Director of Client Relations, Sales & Marketing

I was impressed with their knowledge, preparation and confidence.

I engaged Aidan Taylor Marketing to create a website and related marketing items in 2016.  As soon as I met the team, I was impressed with their knowledge, preparation and confidence.  They guided me through a maze of marketing terms and concepts that were wholly unfamiliar to me and collaborated with me to create a name, logo design and website that represents my brand and is the foundation of my online presence. 

       Quinn DeAngelis – DeAngelis Legal

The Leads Generated Paid for the Site

Aidan Taylor Marketing has been a tremendous resource to my business. Their web and eCommerce experience is evident on the tremendous response we received after launching our new web site. Within days we made a new sale, within weeks the leads generated paid for the site in closed sales. We value them as a partner in our success.

Mark Roberts, VP Sales and Marketing / Vantage Mobility

Correct Path to “Online Internet Success”

Aidan Taylor Marketing has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to “Internet Technological Expertise”! My Business’s rely on our Websites getting customers from the internet. They put me on the correct path to “Online Internet Success”. They worked with us and help us learn how to turn potential internet surfers/views into Clicks/Buyers/Customers.

Rex Altree, CEO / SafePro Auto Glass

A Valuable Resource to My Business

Their advice, consultation and expertise has always set them apart as a valuable resource to my business. Whomever hires, partners with or engages Aidan Taylor Marketing will be better from the experience.

Dondrell Swanson, Insurance and Financial Services Professional / State Farm Insurance

TRUE Experts in the Field

TRUE experts in the field, they are always bringing something new, interesting and effective to the table with a way to quantify it. Highly recommend working with them.

Caro Krisman, CEO / Outdoor Tech

Always in Front of the Curve

I would recommend Aidan Taylor Marketing to all who ask. They’re knowledgeable, innovative, and driven. While they help us to strengthen our Marketing program, they also teach us why and how – encouraging us to engage and work with them to push our company forward. Aidan Taylor seems to always be in front of the curve rather than chasing the industry.

Michael Hidder, VP Sales / Boxsmart

Convert Browsers into Buyers

Aidan Taylor Marketing has extensive knowledge of SEO that yields results. They are also a seasoned marketers that can think out of the box and come up with solutions to convert browsers into buyers.

Jared Stauffer, CEO / Brinkster

First Page of a Google Search

Aidan Taylor Marketing is amazing. Our business has been within the top four slots on the first page of a google search for years! If you haven’t hired them, you should!!!

Kent McCurley, CEO / MedTech Mammography (Acquired by Solis Women's Health)

I would highly recommend their services to anyone

I’ve had the privilege of working with Aidan Taylor Marketing for over two years in the areas of direct marketing, website optimization, SEO, and Google AdWords marketing. I would describe working with them as a master’s-level course in online marketing and project management; and I have yet to work with anyone who can match their professionalism, work ethic or expertise. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Marc Burmich, Creative Director / Brinkster

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