Whiteboard Videos

Why have a whiteboard video?

Whiteboard videos are among the most efficient methods for communicating your message. They work because they’re so simple.

How does it work?

It begins together, brainstorming a story to explain a process, product, service, or anything else. A few days later, we’ll deliver a script. Upon approval, a professional voice actor will record the voiceover. And, an illustrator will draw the characters and scenes. About 15 days later, the video will be delivered. We’ll also configure your YouTube channel and optimize each video to perform well on YouTube search. Let’s talk about it.

Get my whiteboard video started today!

All marketing packages include whiteboard videos.

Identify the best topic – then we’ll help craft the script, create illustrations, create the voiceover, assemble the video, optimize the closed caption script for YouTube search, and add links to the appropriate pages on your website.

Our prices are fair, and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.
If you just want a 2-minute whiteboard video,  our price is $750.
Additional Minutes $199 per minute.

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