Is Edgar Among Your Social Media Platforms?

In the world of social media marketing, there’s nothing worse than learning a few days have gone by where, for whatever reason, you accidentally went silent on Twitter. You failed to post. Especially with the knowledge that most social success comes from posting valuable information consistently. It’s how you cultivate an audience over time. We do this professionally, but on occasion something goes wrong, and we’ll miss a day for a client. It’s actually one of the things that keeps me up at night. Well, that was until I found Edgar and added it as one of our social media platforms.

Edgar does several things that make it a “must have” tool for your social media platforms.

  1. Obviously it has a scheduling system. But unlike Buffer and others, it allows you to create time slots based on a topic (throw-back Thursdays), weekly promotions (Hump day or weekend promotions), original content, curated content (influencer marketing) or whatever makes sense.
  2. For each type of post – you can build corresponding libraries. So, if you have two or three time slots spanning Friday at 5p to Sunday at 10p – you can build five or six really awesome, image-based Tweets which will be rotated on a last in, first out basis every weekend from now until when you stop them. You can always throw in another Tweet to keep it interesting.
  3. Using Twitter’s analytics (just click your avatar in the upper right of the Twitter application to reveal a menu containing “Analytics”), you can identify your best performing Tweets. These should be added to your Edgar libraries. They’ve already been tested with your audience and had success. Use them again – in fact, use them until they stop producing engagement. The Twitter experience is like driving on a highway littered with billboards – one after another. People may see your billboard, but they may not. It requires repetition or frequency to get noticed.
  4. We spend a ton of time crafting powerful 140 character messages – Edgar maximizes their opportunity to get seen – to be favorited, to be retweeted, to drive traffic to your influencer community or your website, etc. To let a great Tweet die after one posting would be a shame (and a tremendous waste of resources).
  5. Edgar has analytics at a Tweet level, so you can retire those Tweets that are no longer performing to your standard. It happens – although you should limit your Edgar libraries to evergreen Tweets (those messages that will be as meaningful in the foreseeable future as they were when originally written).
  6. Edgar works for other social media (Facebook, Linkedin), but we use it strictly for Twitter at this point. Once we’ve established huge libraries – we may turn on those accounts as well. This is because Facebook and Linkedin are not like highways with billboards – repeating content could be annoying to your followers on those networks.

Quick Social Media Platforms Comparison

Just to make sure you’re tracking with me – Edgar beats most other social media marketing platforms for maintaining consistent output. For example, Buffer will stop posting when it runs out of content. CoSchedule will stop posting when it runs out of content. Hootsuite will stop posting when it runs out of content. To my knowledge, all other SMM tools require vigilance in keeping the content topped off. Edgar is a true set it and forget it application – although you should add new, proven Tweets on a regular basis to build your library.

Bad News

Edgar is neither cheap nor quick. You can start at about $50/mo – we moved to the $99/mo plan within a day of use. It was absolutely worth it. With regard to being quick – at the time of this writing, you can’t just get access to Edgar by visiting the site and signing up. You must request an invitation. Then, within a day or so (maybe sooner), they’ll let you in. I’m not sure if that is a gimmick to induce a sense of urgency, but it worked on me.

Bottom Line

Get your invitation to Edgar today or engage our Social Media Marketing Services.