Search Engine Optimization or SEO – it’s like Cinderella! First, we have to get her into the Ball – that’s a big challenge by itself.  Even if we meet that challenge, if she’s dressed in rags with dirt on her face, she’s not likely to get asked to dance by the Prince. She has to be dressed, cleaned up and looking good to attract his attention.


To carry out this metaphor, getting each keyword on page one is like getting them to the Ball, but that’s not search engine optimization. To earn the optimization part, you have to make the result interesting enough that a high percentage of people searching for your keyword will want to click it. Having compelling Title and META Description Tags (optional pieces of HTML code) for each landing page is like getting your keywords cleaned up and dressed for the Ball. Those tags are what Google shows to people searching for your keywords. They make up the Google “Result” – like creating an advertisement in AdWords for your keyword. The description is not used by Google to determine your rank, at least not directly. It is where you can sell the click. It is where the romance happens. Each qualified prospect is a Prince. When they click through, it’s like asking your keyword to dance. And, we want lots of dancing.