UPDATE: December 20, 2017

While we loved the features of Meldium, the application was put to rest in May of 2017. We experimented with a few other applications, and finally found Vault by Zoho. It is better than Meldium – with enhanced security for managing access to passwords for individuals or specific roles. We’d be happy to take you through the advantages – just give us a call (888) 689-6188.

NOTE: If you’re a CEO or CMO – you have a fiduciary responsibility to implement a password management system to protect your corporate assets! It should be a part of your marketing action plan. Imagine if a rogue employee changed the password on your company’s Twitter account. While you may not care much about Twitter today (although you should), when you do – you won’t be able to access it. You will be locked out – potentially forever.

Today, I was inspired by a discussion in the Marketing Executives group (almost 95,000 members) within Linkedin:

I don’t know if it’s a reflection of my most recent experiences with client password catastrophes or what, but Password Management was the first thing that came to mind. Now if you’ve already read my comment to Mark Gottlieb‘s question, don’t worry – I’m going to go into deeper detail.

If You’ve Read This Far

You probably feel the pain of not having a password management system as part of your marketing action plan [Learn more about our Marketing Strategy Services]. That pain comes in several varieties. Here are some scenarios:

  1. You have all of your company passwords on a spreadsheet (and, some of your passwords are scattered in your email inbox). This should be giving you a daily feeling of immense vulnerability and anxiety.
  2. There are critical systems whether Google-based or social media – where you don’t know the password, and you’re not sure who does. The energy required to track it down, just doesn’t seem like it’s worth the effort (because nothing bad has happened yet). Don’t allow yourself to feel this way – it’s absolutely worth the effort. It’s kind of like losing the keys to important rooms in your building or house, except the doors disappear!
  3. Every time you add an employee, contractor or vendor – you have to give them the passwords to the applications and systems they’ll need to do their jobs. When they leave, sometimes you change the password, but then you have to update everyone else. Typically, you use the same set of passwords for everything to make it easier on you and everyone else – including hackers!

How Can I Fix It?

There are a number of Password Management Systems available. What you’re looking for is one that does the following:

  • allows you to group passwords into functions (e.g. passwords for Web development, social media management)
  • users never see the actual passwords (so if they leave, they won’t be able to sign in and change your passwords)
  • easy to add/remove users at a group level
  • ability to isolate logins to an individual
  • easy to access passwords and login to websites/applications (otherwise people put off using tools that would make them more productive)

We use Meldium. It does all of the above. We build password groups around our clients. So, I can easily add or remove my teammates from a particular client’s set of accounts. I can do this at an account, group or global level (so, if they went bad – thankfully that’s never happened, but if – I could eliminate their access in seconds). Because nobody on my staff ever sees the actual passwords or types them into an application, I can use random, difficult-to-hack passwords to protect my clients. Additionally, I can change passwords anytime without affecting any users ability to login – keeping our marketing operations efficient. And finally, my people use our applications. We have a fairly sophisticated technology stack that we use to produce exceptional results for our clients. It would be terrible if people on my team avoided using applications because they couldn’t remember the login credentials. We’ve all been there – putting off using a website or application so we don’t have to go through the hassle of finding the password or username. Meldium lives in the browser (we use Chrome) as an extension. So, when I need it – I simply hit a little Meldium icon and the account appears – one click and I’m in the application. It’s that easy!

My Marketing Operations Advice

Go get a Meldium account and put this whole password thing behind you! It’s worth the time.