Linkedin Marketing: How to Add Lead Capture to Your Profile

Linkedin Marketing: How to Add Lead Capture to Your Profile


NOTE: Before you do what I’ve outlined below, make sure you’ve completed the Linkedin marketing steps listed in my blog post “15 Minute Makeover for Your Linkedin Profile“. 

Linkedin is one of the more powerful business-to-business social networks, but most people continue to use it like an online resume (which was its original intent). If you’re happy with your job and want to see your company succeed, start using Linkedin to increase qualified leads.

Linkedin Marketing Strategy

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STEP 1: Ask Marketing About Landing Pages for Lead Capture

Landing pages are designed (or should be) to capture leads and aren’t typically part of the website navigation. So, unless you know the URLs for these pages, you’ll have to ask the folks in the marketing department. They should be thrilled that you’re going to direct traffic toward the company from your personal social media account. Imagine if everyone in your company did the same. If they react negatively (unlikely, but always possible), this is an opportunity to provide some Linkedin marketing education and elevate your value in their eyes. Just show them what you’re about to learn and they’ll get it (you’ll be a hero).

STEP 2: Edit the Contact Info for Your Linkedin Profile

Physically doing this is very simple, what to say can be more of a challenge, especially with a 30 character limit. The default setting is “Company Website”, but Linkedin will allow you to choose from the following:

  • Personal Website
  • Blog
  • RSS Feed
  • Portfolio
  • Other
If you choose “Other”, you enable the ability to edit the label for your links (you can have up to three links). Now you can put those 30 characters to work by creating compelling labels. These labels should correspond to the theme of the page to which you’re directing the profile visitor. If possible, all three should be aimed at landing pages with proven lead capture opportunities. You may have to be satisfied with one link to the “Contact Us” page on your company’s website.

STEP 3: Introduce a Presentation to Your Profile

Did you know you can add a presentation to your Linkedin profile? In fact, it is an important part of any Linkedin marketing strategy. When editing, go to the summary section. In the upper right, you’ll see two icons. The leftmost icon looks like a small rectangle with a plus sign in the lower right corner:
Add Presentation to Linkedin Profile
If you hover, it will display the following message “Click to add a video, image, document, presentation…” Go ahead and click, following the instructions to add your presentation. The presentation should build to a crescendo – inviting the visitor to click a link to a landing page where a lead capture opportunity is ready and waiting.
With these three steps, you’ll have advanced your profile from an information resource about you to a lead capture machine for your company. Try to get this done today before you get distracted and forget about it.
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