About John-Scott Dixon

He has over 24 years of experience managing and leading the Ecommerce efforts of small, medium and large companies. He has held sales, sales management, marketing, operations, IS/IT, legal and executive management positions in start-up to multi-billion dollar organizations. He has also served as an adjunct professor of Ecommerce for the MBA program of the University of Missouri (where he received an MBA concentrated in Direct Marketing in 1989). He led the Ecommerce initiative for Sprint PCS (PCS) and Sprint (FON) as Vice President of Ecommerce. He led the integrated marketing efforts for Insight Enterprises (NSIT) as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Ecommerce. Today, he is the CEO and Founder of Aidan Taylor Marketing - a marketing agency for small businesses (between $1 million and $20 million in annual revenue).
13 09, 2017

Raymond Ching


JSD and his team at Aidan Taylor are capable of implementing great ideas for our marketing campaign. They are willing to go above and beyond. Raymond Ching

Raymond Ching2018-06-04T10:40:23-07:00
12 09, 2017

Harry Clark


Very thorough and methodical approach to branding. Excellent opinions and thought leadership for not just marketing but our entire business strategy and tactics. Very intelligent, professional and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend. Harry Clark

Harry Clark2018-06-04T10:44:11-07:00
6 09, 2017

Stephan Rachuk


I've worked with Aidan Taylor on various marketing projects over the last three years and they have always provided great support and delivered an even greater product. I love working with their team, no matter the associate, they always have the answers before we know the questions. I can't recommend them enough. Stephan [...]

Stephan Rachuk2018-06-04T10:53:45-07:00
6 09, 2017

Daniel Koetsier


We contracted Aidan-Taylor to help revamp our site SEO, social media and digital marketing with great success. They brought a vast amount of expertise and creativity. To this day if we’re stumped in any of these areas we reach out to them first. Highly recommended. Daniel Koetsier

Daniel Koetsier2018-06-04T10:50:32-07:00
5 09, 2017

Jake Crown


Aidan Taylor was an incredibly powerful partner for us to engage at the beginning of our venture. Their deep knowledge and experience were quite evident as they demystified a variety of processes around creating, deploying, and monitoring a memorable brand. We will definitely use them again in the future. Jake Crown

Jake Crown2018-06-04T10:56:18-07:00
13 07, 2017

George Buckler


As a Co-Founder of a medical device company, it's vital to have the ability not only to get our new med-tech ideas messaged correctly but to the correct target groups. Personally working through the process with JSD/ Aiden Taylor has been a vital component of making sure we have covered all the bases in the [...]

George Buckler2018-06-04T10:59:32-07:00
30 06, 2017

Sal LoBracco


Aidan Taylor Marketing has been great for us. Kak Varley helped us non-techies get what we wanted at a more than reasonable price. They are our marketing company now and we highly recommend them. Sal LoBracco

Sal LoBracco2018-06-04T11:01:34-07:00
29 06, 2017

Dr. Chad Carlsson


Great experience so far. Looking forward to seeing some real growth at my business with Aiden Taylor and it's marketing strategies! Dr. Chad Carlsson

Dr. Chad Carlsson2018-06-04T11:06:28-07:00
29 06, 2017

Kayla Stark


Working with Aidan Taylor Marketing has been eye-opening and insightful for our upcoming business launch. Our growing understanding and awareness about our target audience, appropriate communication, influencing power and social media strategy is all thanks to this knowledgeable, experienced team. It's great working with them and we look forward to seeing how it pays off! [...]

Kayla Stark2018-06-04T11:03:21-07:00
10 05, 2017

Christine Villa


Outstanding experience! Working with a contracted marketing team is the way to go - no turnover and less expensive than permanent staff, providing excellent service, great communication, knowledge of current trends, theories, and tools. A beast with social media. Our scheduled virtual meetings kept our projects, milestones, and deliverables progress transparent and allowed us to [...]

Christine Villa2018-06-04T11:10:25-07:00